Employment Resources from McLellan Temporaries

Are you ready to go to work?

Call our office in Corvallis today at 541-754-9616 to schedule an appointment for an interview. All interviews are by appointment only and all applicants will be interviewed by McLellan Temporaries prior to employment.


To help you get work, McLellan Temporaries offers the following resources:

How to Have a Good Interview

  • Making a good first impression is important to getting the interview started well. Smile, shake hands firmly and be polite.
  • If you are not maintaining good eye contact, the interviewer might think you are not very interested in the job. A healthy amount of eye contact (don’t stare!) is important to show that you are interested and personable.
  • Overcome your nerves with a deep breath or two. Nerves can make you talk too fast, ramble when giving your answers or appear anxious. Good breathing and a positive phrase or two that you keep in mind can help you relax.
  • Do you need a question repeated or rephased? It’s okay to ask.
  • Don’t worry about pausing when answering questions. It’s okay to collect your thoughts and to think about your answer before speaking. Try to keep your answers concise.
  • Don’t be tempted to exaggerate or lie in your answers. Honesty is a good policy.
  • Still nervous? Remember that an interview is to determine whether you are a good fit for the company. Be positive and work to build rapport with the person who is interviewing you.